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Prime Time for Real-Time Global Payments Report

Record highs for real-time transactions in 2022 predict areas of growth for the future

Real-Time Payments Are Entering a New Phase of Growth

ACI’s 2023 Prime Time for Real-Time report reveals global real-time transaction volumes rising to record highs and the potential growth still to be unlocked through more targeted and sophisticated use cases.

The global top 10 section in the report shows the positive impact on real-time payments adoption of strong government mandates, widespread merchant adoption or concerted industry collaboration, strong brand recognition for a scheme or related digital wallets, and mobile-first experiences.

Payments are increasingly becoming embedded, with today’s consumer looking for a hyper-connected, frictionless customer experience.

Our findings reveal that those who have implemented real-time payments have profoundly changed the way consumers, businesses and governments make and receive payments and conduct their financial affairs.

Real-time payments are the future of modern economies. Use these insights to further your instant payments journey today.

Prime Time for Real-Time Snapshot — Global Summary

Real-Time Payments Are Entering a New Phase of Growth

Banks, governments and regulators are now focused on providing new sophisticated real-time payment use cases for consumers and businesses to drive economic growth. In 2022, countries like Thailand, Brazil and Bahrain took the lead in real-time transactions and it is having a profound impact on how they conduct their financial affairs.

Real-Time Payments Are Entering a New Phase of Growth
Targeted Use Cases Drive Consumer Adoption

Targeted Use Cases Drive Consumer Adoption

The biggest challenge facing adoption is the myth that cash is king and trust in mobile payments is low. Merchants are changing minds with compelling statistics and analysis showing consumers want to avoid paying fees.

Making the Most of Real-Time Rails

Banks that limit their commitment to real-time payments can be limiting their potential share of the future of payments. Findings show that banks in markets that still have a strong opportunity for growth should better understand the impact of real-time rails in modern economies, today and in the future.

Making the Most of Real-Time Rails

Real-Time and Digital Payments Are the Future of Modern Economies

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